Thu, 02/02/2012


During a meeting of the National Association of Barbados Organizations (NABO) recently, the organization elected a new executive team headed once more by Chairperson Janice Bishop.

The board comprises:

 Janice Bishop  -  Chairperson
 Erskine Jones  -  Vice Chair
 Marcia Smith  -  Secretary
 Juliet Ralph  -  Assistant Secretary
 John Ellis   -  Treasurer
 Carmelia Bascombe -  Assistant Treasurer
 Julia Hollingsworth-Brown -  Public Relations Officer
 Earl Ashby  -  Immediate Past Chairman
 Randy Maxwell  -  Regional Director – East
 Sandra Nicholls  -  Regional Director – South
 Janice Greenidge  -  Regional Director – West

In keeping with the theme “NABO Moving Forward Together in Unity”, the organization has already made strides towards coordinating the activities of Barbadian member organizations. Its summer conference is scheduled for July 31 – August 14 and the organization also plans to join in to support the Network Consultation Conference which will be held August 8-10.