Bajan Recipes

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Bajan Baked Pork - The best part of the Christmas meal.

Bajan Black Cake - An extremely tasty version of traditional fruit cakes from other countries and depending on how much rum you add and for how long?well, you know?

Baked Turkey - The perfect addition to the holidays.

Bread Stuffing - One can use a packaged bread stuffing mix or you can create your own spin on an age old recipe.

Breadfruit Cou-Cou - A spin on the national dish of Barbados, made with breadfruit instead of cornmeal but just as delicious!

CASSAVA PONE - Another recipe that's fairly common in other cultures but takes on a different taste and texture when done here in Barbados.

Cassava Pone - A delicious traditioanl sweet treat!

Cassava Pone - Cassava Pone is another Barbadian recipe that utilizes a food introduced to Barbados by its earliest known settlers ? The Arawaks.

Coconut Bread - This is a wonderful bread that all Bajans eat for breakfast and with ?afternoon tea.?

Coconut Sugar Cakes - for those of us with a sweet tooth, this fits the bill. The joy of every Bajan kid !!

Conkies - Usually made around the time of Independence, a true Barbadian tradition!

Cou Cou - The national dish of Barbados when eaten with flying fish; loosely based on the Middle Eastern cous-cous but the okras make the difference!

Dumplings - A favourite which can be used in stews but is especially found in soups.

Fried Flying Fish - When eaten with Cou-Cou, fried flying fish is the national dish of Barbados. Flying fish is equally delicious when also prepared steamed.

Frizzled Salt Fish - An alternative use of the salted fish typically associated with Bajan fishcakes

Ginger Beer - These ginger drinks are much stronger than any ginger ale soda. They can be enjoyed chilled over ice, or diluted with cold water.

Jug-jug - This is another popular addition to the holiday meal, with the corn flour substituted for the oatmeal.

Macaroni Pie - Macaroni Pie is a mainstay side dish in Barbados . Some cooks add herbs and spices while others top with bread crumbs. To put a spin on the original recipe ? you can add tuna, bacon bits or browned hamburger meat.

Pickled Breadfruit - An easy means of preparing a tradtional Barbadian food.

Puncha-Crema - An addictive drink that sneaks up on you when you least expect.

Rice and Peas - A traditional Bajan dish served on Christmas Day (and throughout the year for that matter).

Rum Punch - Probably the best known Caribbean drink. Like "Puncha-Crema", it sneaks up on you with a deceptive "punch"!

Sorrel - An excellent drink to accompany your Christmas meal.

Souse - Also known as pickled pork in other quarters. This dish when eaten with black pudding (cows or pigs intestines stuffed with a delicious sausage filling) is the traditional Saturday afternoon fare for Barbadians.

Traditional Biscuit Stuffing - Stuffing is a staple for the Christmas meal. It can be prepared as a stuffing for poultry or on its own. For a healthy alternative, whole wheat biscuits can be substituted for the Eclipse biscuits.